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NZ Architects Pvt. Ltd. is an architectural design & consultation company that provides unparalleled state of the art services.

Whether it’s commercial or residential, NZ Architects knows how to do it. After all, we have had some notable projects to our credit.

NZ Architects was formed by the time they graduated from a leading architecture school in Pakistan. Eventually…

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From Residential & Commercial to healthcare, education, and religion.

Interior Designing

From Residential & Commercial to healthcare, education, and religion.


We also provide landscaping to add natural beauty to your homes

Town Planning

Whether you are a real estate agent looking to create new opportunities

Professional Architecture & Design

We also provide landscaping to add natural beauty to your homes

Our Work

After all, there is nothing more pleasing to the eyes,
then a beautiful architectural work.

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We have a rich and diverse portfolio ranging from educational, health, religious, commercial, and residential projects. We have been serving many clients across the country. Furthermore, we have rightly earned our reputation for being one of the leading Architects in Islamabad Rawalpindi.


I believe it was my destiny. I have always been keen to draw and curate creative stuff around me. Born and raised in the beautiful nature-loved valley of Parachinar I was always attracted towards the splendor of the hills, the canyons, and the cliffs became part of my subconscious mind and I used to draw them on paper at home.


As far as I can recollect I haven’t been an architecture enthusiast at the early age of my life. However, later it was deep inside when I used to see tall structures and the images of perfectly adorned luxury homes: interior-design. I soon took interest in knowing how the beautiful homes and buildings I would fancy are designed.

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NZ Architects is a professional team. I asked them to design my house as per my requirements. They did it in a very befitting and creative manner. They listened to the changes, I made in the design very patiently and incorporated them into my project. NZ architect team looked after the project and completed it, well in time. I strongly recommend NZ Architect team for your dream house.

These guys are the best architects in Islamabad, Pakistan! They are very detailed and helpful in every way you can imagine. They designed two houses for us in Shah-Allahdita Islamabad. Excellent design and supervision of Site with all the time available for A to Z selection of most feasible items with complete know-how of latest trend in the Market. Highly recommended.