Our Rich Portfolio Speaks For Our Hard Work.

We have a rich and diverse portfolio ranging from educational, health, religious, commercial, and residential projects. We have been serving many clients across the country. Furthermore, we have rightly earned our reputation for being one of the leading Architects in Islamabad Rawalpindi. Additionally, our work is a testimony to our focus on customer satisfaction, reliability, and fast turnaround time.

Moreover, we have served in different regions of Pakistan on man levels. From Islamabad and Rawalpindi and KP – the Parachinar and Kohat to the remote areas of Sindh, we have served everywhere.  Hence, our portfolio has been enriched with so many projects that surpassed our expectations in such a short time.

Notably, NZ Architects has a broad portfolio of a diverse set of projects during a short span. We have served clients in different climatic regions of Pakistan. Even though we are chiefly known as professional architects in Islamabad Rawalpindi, we also provide consultancy for interior design, landscaping & urban planning.

To put it another way, we strive to become the leading architects in Islamabad Rawalpindi with our persistent quality work. For this reason, we uphold client satisfaction and push our standards to the next level.

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Nijat Hussain

Chief Architect

I believe it was my destiny. I have always been keen to draw and curate creative stuff around me. Born and raised in the beautiful nature-loved valley of Parachinar I was always attracted towards the splendor of the hills, the canyons, and the cliffs became part of my subconscious mind and I used to draw them on paper at home. Soon drawing and sketching became my obsession. Moving to Karachi for further education made a new impression on my thoughts and lifestyle. When it was time to choose my discipline for higher education it was easy for me, Architecture was more obvious to me than anything else.


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Zamir ul Hassan

Chief Architect

As far as I can recollect I haven’t been an architecture enthusiast at the early age of my life. However, later it was deep inside when I used to see tall structures and the images of perfectly adorned luxury homes: interior-design. I soon took interest in knowing how the beautiful homes and buildings I would fancy are designed. Nijat and I had many things in common and I guess the passion that we used to have for art and architecture made us follow the career together. Now that we are business partners as architects we believe its the best choice that we have made ever. The way the profession of an architect touches his own life and thinking is beyond words can describe.


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